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Already a seasoned-typeslinger?  Looking for a place to use the tools of the trade?  Rent time to print here at the Arbalest Press!

First time renters, please read this page carefully first, and then send us a note to sign up!  Interested in a membership?  

How to Rent the Press

Whenever our workshops aren’t underway, proven printers can reserve time to print on our Vandercook No. 4, Vandercook SP-20, tabletop, and manual proofing presses, at the Arbalest Press.  All printing work is supervised by a resident printer.  First-time renters must complete a course of study (typically two workshops) at Arbalest or take an exam at the press to show us that you can safely use the equipment. All renters must also receive one-time, supervised instruction for use of paper cutters, blades, and cleaning materials, which can be done at or prior to their first rental. Renters are not allowed to use the large paper cutter, but a press supervisor will do so on your behalf upon request. All printers must sign a waiver for use.

We offer press memberships, student rates, and general rates for printers.

Rental Policies

The press is located in a secure building and no walk-ins are allowed. Rentals are allotted in 3 hour blocks.  Members receive priority in renting press time each month.  You must rent in advance by sending us a note.  You must have confirmation of your rental time with you when arriving at the press.

When renting the press, you agree to adhere to the exact time allotted, including setup and clean-up. Studio rental time can only be extended by the supervising printer and only if there are no prior rentals. A security deposit is required to ensure that the press is left clean and usable for the next printer by all renters.

Based on equipment needs, multiple printers may be renting at the same time when you arrive. Rental fees cannot be split between multiple printers.

A maximum of 1 guest may join you while you print, so long as you provide notice at least 24 hours in advance of your rental.  Guests must sign a waiver and are prohibited from touching or using any equipment or supplies in the space.

Renters agree only to use equipment which they can use safely and for which they have been properly trained.

A supply of generic paper is available at all times for proofing and for runs under 25 copies. Renters agree to bring additional paper for specialty projects or work over 25 copies.

24-hour advance notice is required for a refund on all cancellations.When renting press time, you are guaranteed dedicated use of the press to which you are assigned as well as inks and related equipment. Use of certain equipment including paper cutters may be shared between multiple printers.  Any problems must be reported to Arbalest Press staff immediately and only Arbalest Press staff are allowed to assist you in fixing a problem.

Rental Pricing

One-time rentals $20/hr, 3 hr blocks

Students $15/hr, 3 hr blocks

Memberships: Click Here

Because we often run classes on weekends, we also offer an independent study course as an option for those who would like to work on an individual project while workshops are in session. 

Our Equipment

Arbalest Press is equipped with a

Vandercook No. 4 Proofing Press

Vandercook SP-20 Proofing Press

A Kelsey 5×8 Platen Press

A Large Format Manual Poster/Wood Type Press

General press equipment, including trays of lead type, dingbats, wood type, and more

Van Son Inks

A limited selection of paper for purchase

Two 9×12 boxcar polymer bases, and one 4×6 boxcar polymer base

Additional Questions

Have other questions?  We’re happy to answer them!