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Who We Are

Alex Green

Alex Green began printing at the Quercus Press and has studied letterpress printing at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. A member of the Society of Printers and the Letterpress Guild of New England, he has printed fine press works by numerous writers including the late Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney, Poet Laureate W.S. Merwin, and Pulitzer Prize recipient Louise Glück. His prints have been collected by numerous institutions including the Beineke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.  A writer at Harvard University, he holds degrees from Brandeis University and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and is a regular contributor to WBUR. He is Artist-in-Residence for fine press printing at Arbalest Press. 

Michael Grossman

Michael Grossman got his start with typesetting and graphic design in 1983 during a fresh-out-of-college stint in book and newspaper publication at the console of a Compugraphic EditWriter7300 (very nearly a fossil in its own time). This was a formative experience, but he was the whole time left wondering what printing would be like done the old-fashioned way: with non-virtual leading that actually had some lead in it. Fast-forward two longtime careers over three decades to his greatly delayed chance to “get the lead out” when discovering Harvard’s Bow & Arrow Press in 2011. Having at long last come to letterpress grace upon completion of the instructional program offered at Bow & Arrow, he continues there on a course of self-directed press pursuit, serving as well in an advisory capacity at weekly Open Press nights. Michael holds memberships in the Society of Printers, the Museum of Printing (N. Andover, Mass.), the Letterpress Guild of New England, the British Printing Society (Overseas Branch) and the American Printing History Association (New England Chapter). At Arbalest Press he has his hands on the enterprise’s range of traditional presswork using antique lead type, wood type and vintage printers’ blocks.

Ted Ollier

Ted Ollier holds degrees from the University of Texas, Texas State University and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At present, he is a printmaker and conceptual artist working in the Boston community of Medford. He shows through Bromfield Gallery in Boston and inde/jacobs in Marfa, Texas. He teaches digital arts at Cape Cod Community College and letterpress and printmaking through the Harvard Extension School at the Bow & Arrow Press in Cambridge. Ted is the lead instructor at Arbalest Press and directs the Press’s commercial production.

Through his Mindhue Studio, Ted works are concerned are with data, its interaction with the consensus reality, and how that reality is affected and changed by that data. Oftentimes the simplest visual representation of a dataset is enough to engage the viewer in ways far beyond the naïve reading of that information. Although the didactic element of information transfer is always present in his work, his true focus is on revelation and enlightenment, and the joy of finding a previously-unnoticed detail in the landscape of life.

Jen Palacio

Jen’s love affair with letterpress began when she took a class at the Bow & Arrow Press in 2012 through the Harvard Extension School. Since then, she’s taken several classes and workshops in typesetting, block-carving and other forms of printmaking.

A self-proclaimed crafting addict, in 2010 Jen started Just Enough Nonsense, a handmade craft business that is the result of several decades of d.i.y. projects and art classes. Through j.e.n (instagram:@justenougnonsense), she has taught several workshops on various paper-crafting techniques.

Jen is also the current president and a founding board member of the nonprofit, Somerville Makers & Artists, Inc. The organization upholds a commitment to nurturing artists, makers & creative workers in Somerville and the surrounding areas.

Jen has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from BU and a Master’s in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard. In addition to keeping an eye on Arbalest’s balance sheet, she is a printmaker with a particular interest in combining traditional techniques and new technologies. Her current projects involve creating hand-lettered or hand-drawn designs that are transferred to polymer plates and printed on one of the presses.

Marie von Kampen

Marie von Kampen is an independent letterpress printer and peer-proclaimed color adept. A letterpress enthusiast, she studied letterpress at Harvard University’s Bow & Arrow Press, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has continued to develop her letterpress skills with workshops at Montserrat College of Art, AS220, Starshaped Press at Wells Book Arts Center, and Moore Wood Type at Igloo Letterpress. Marie is a member of the Society of Printers and is a consultant for Arbalest Press.